About the Practitioner

Lisa C. Moore, LMT

I graduated in 2001 from the Center for Advanced Therapeutics here in Denver, CO.  After getting my basic training completed, I continued on to study Advanced Neuro-muscular Therapies, which was over 700 hours of additional training.

I believe that the body wants to be healthy.  Because some of the work I do can feel uncomfortable, I communicate what I'm doing and finding during the massage session.  If my client asks, I can always ease up on the pressure I'm applying.  Communication and education are an important part of the healing process.  I feel that I am merely an instrument to help a person achieve optimal health.  The pain or discomfort that someone comes to see me about is theirs; I just assist them to get rid of it.  One of my favorite things about my practice is having my clients come in regularly for maintenance after helping relieve them from an acute or chronic issue.  I have wonderful clients!

Whether for stress relief or to alleviate pain, or just because it feels wonderful, everyone can benefit from massage.  I love being a massage therapist and am grateful for my ability to help people feel better.

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